The Alvin Plushie

Alvin is an Agave Finance project that has the objective of issuing a token that is redeemable for a physical plushie with the iconic figure of Alvin, the little and cute agave used in the Agave logo. Everyone can redeem an alvin token for 1 plushie by burning it. This makes alvin redeemable and deflationary by nature.
There will only ever be 500 alvins manufactured and minted


The distribution will be handled by the multisig on Arbitrum Chain:


If you want to buy an Alvin you need to make a transfer to the Alvin multisig on xDAI Chain:


Important details:
- Buyers that have sent a small transaction to 0xfEED582A12ab68C3F609B4fF3AFDB8884fB4b7a3 until 16 of October 18:00 UTC are given priority in case of selling out.
- Buyers that make a mistake, buy more than 2 plushies, or buy after selling out will be refunded.
- If we spot abuse by anyone trying to collect an inflated amount of plushies the multisig signers may not refund

Additional Information

Please checkout our longer presentation about the plushie in: Alvin Plushie Presentation
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